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High end audio mastering, affordable prices. Call for rates.

PUSH Mastering is an studio operated by a highly experienced engineer. There is lots of information for those seeking information about mastering services on these pages including a blog page.

The mastering studio is equipped with accurate monitoring, high end analogue and digital equipment to adjust and enhance your music. Our audio mastering rates are affordable and allow bands, labels, independent musicians and mixing facilities to experience quality mastering in a fully professional environment.

I will be able to take your music mixes and apply a variety of analogue and digital processes in order to enhance, quality control, optimize and clarify its presentation before distribution. I use some of the best analogue equipment in the world and I am very pleased to be able to apply these sonic tools in order to achieve best translation across the wide range of music reproduction systems and audio file formats.

Experience counts when it comes to mastering audio and you require a highly competent and dedicated engineer who can add value to your music. Mastering is not the stage where you look for the rock bottom price. Your music deserves competent yet affordable adjustment that takes into account your own personal goals.

Check out our mastering video:


Our advice for preparing your audio files for mastering is as follows:

1) Create 24 bit stereo interleaved .aiff or .wav files for audio mastering.

2) Listen through the bounced files (not the DAW session) from start to end with headphones listening for clicks and other extra unwanted noises before uploading as this could delay your mastering project.

3) Do not apply limiting to the stereo master bus, please take the limiter off and double check that the files do not exceed 0dBFS/clip (it often does when a limiter is removed). Headroom of 6-8dB is perfect. Gentle compression is ok if it used for character or tonal shaping. You can remove it if it is purely for increasing the mix volume.

4) Provide any useful information regarding your concerns or goals relating to your music mix, perceived volume goals (mp3 ref can be useful), fade requirements or comments such as “Please edit out stick counts at track start”. The more information supplied the more likely your audio mastering project will be turned around efficiently.

5) Please read the content of our FAQ page and blog. Audio mastering is a service that is tailored on a client by client basis. Of course our overall goal is great sounding masters with excellent translation and ensuring a technically correct master is produced by it CD-R, DDP of audio files. However mastering is much more than just making a loud master. With the new volume normalization systems in place and “MFiT” – Mastered for iTunes, you may wish to consider alternative versions of a master for different purposes.

6) Please do not hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions about your Album, EP or single. Finally, please double check you have inserted the correct email address or phone number in the contact form otherwise we will not be able to get back in contact with you.

7) Please use Winrar/Winzip or Stuffit to lossless compress your files before upload. www.wetransfer.com uses auto zipping so no need to zip prior to upload attachment. You may of course use any file transfer site of your preference.

At Push Mastering, we are listening.