1) How shall I prepare audio files for mastering ?

I will require 24 bit and above stereo interleaved .wav or .aiff files, no limiters and no clipping, 6dB of headroom is optimal. Do not send compressed audio file formats such as .mp4, .AAC, .mp3, .wma, . ogg Please zip your files (www.wetransfer.com automatically zips files upon upload)

2) Are revisions free ?

Yes revisions are free within reason but re-submission of mixes over and above one resub when mix advice has been requested can become chargeable.

3) Is mix advice inclusive ?

Yes, within the mastering price I can offer an appraisal of your mix and suggest adjustments to ensure you get the best results from the mastering. Please mention this in your email if required.

4) How do I send my tracks to you?

Please use your favourite file transfer service, we like wetranfer.com, it;s easy and automatically zips the files (the best way to preserve data integrity) just let me know which service you plan to use by email.

5) How do I make a payment ?

Paypal is easiest and preferred and is possible on this page:

6) How long does it take ?

This can vary dependent on the existing work throughput of the studio at the time payment is made and if correct file delivery has been made (see FAQ 1). Assuming the files are in order the following approx guidelines apply:

1 Track within 72 hours
EP’s (4 tracks) Within 4 working days
Album within 5-10 working days is typical.
If you require Master CD-R or DDP please add 1-2 working days on top of these approximations.

7) What are your audio engineering credentials?

Please check my biog here:

8) Can you mix my music ?

I can mix and have done so but now the studio and my time is dedicated to mastering audio as a sole income. I master audio day in, day out as a specialist.

9) What equipment do you use ?

The studio is fully acoustically treated with copious bass trapping and diffusion solutions. We use high end monitoring in a completely treated room. The best analogue equipment and the current digital tools are always tested and the best put into use.

10) Why should I choose your mastering services ?

When you consider my professional audio engineering experience, analogue equipment and pricing I believe PUSH Mastering is the most competitive and professional mastering service you can choose. As an engineer I am performing only  mastering

Also I like to show the mastering equipment on site, not ambiguous photo’s of other audio equipment or “modern style technical web graphics”. I have the equipment and skill to provide truly professional mastering.

11) What are your contact details?